Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August 17th..2010

Hello ya'll,
First time blogging, please be patient.

I love my life, things can't get much better for me (knock on wood)!

Emmy sleeps ALL night and I've got Ila registered for pre-school! woot woot. My hair feels like straw from all the swimming (I'm not complaining though) and McDonalds chocolate milkshakes are my weakness at the moment. Ila tried her first sandwich yesterday and we actually went somewhere together as a family besides Utah...we visited Flagstaff! LOVED IT!! Sulley is healing fine from the dog attack and is back to his normal self..peeing on everything:) Chech and my mom were here visitng last week and I miss them already!
PS.. So now we are waiting to see the rest of the family to come visit. A big shout out to the Bezzants, Christensens, Fairbourns, Shelleys, Carlings, Stevens, Hiltons and whoever else is willing to come.